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Choose Gutters and Property Maintenance now specialise in guttering. From September 2017, due to increasing demand and for work-life balance, we have downsized to doing mainly guttering work. Although, we do still offer some other building services so please feel free to enquire.

You can see our Reviews including Before and After photographs on various recommendation websites. In March 2018, we were up to x90+ positive reviews. Please click on the following links to view -

·  9.86/10  - x50 reviews  - (Including 180+ Before and After shots)

 ·  4.81/5    - x11 reviews  -    

 ·  5/5         - x7 reviews    - 

 ·  5/5         - x25 reviews  - Which? Local (2012 - 2018)

Why choose us? We offer a comprehensive guttering service - clean - inspect - water-test. We can repair or replace. Plus we offer free advice on damp and general building issues. Unlike other gutter companies, we are also experienced in roofing and general building. Our approach is to take a 360 degree view of all damp and building issues whilst focusing on gutters. 

We don't charge VAT. Why pay an extra 20%? We have fixed prices for most guttering work - see Prices page. We have good availability, usually same week or the next week. We cover London, Croydon and Kent. And we have great reviews!

Choose us and we will offer you quality work at reasonable prices. We are friendly, reliable and professional. Plus we are fully insured and guarantee our work

Why choose gutter maintenance? In a nutshell, to stop leaking gutters and avoid damp. In our experience, leaking gutters are the number one cause of penetrative damp. It is our mission to keep gutters dry (well the outside anyway). Leaks can damage exterior brickwork and paintwork, plus damage interior paintwork, wallpaper and plaster. Maintaining your gutters means maintaining your property. We recommend that you keep your gutters flowing and leak-free.

Gutters are the arteries of your home but often the most neglected part. Keep them flowing to avoid leaks, damage and damp.  

Why not have your gutters cleaned and checked? As a rule, we recommend that you clean and water-test your gutters every 2 years. If yours haven't been cleaned and checked for 2 years, why not give let us give them a once over? We MOT and service our cars and it is worth keeping your gutters in good condition too. Both will save money in the long run and give us peace of mind.  

Please get in touch for a chat, free estimate or quotation. If we can't answer because we are working or driving, just leave a message. Or drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We get a lot of enquiries but will always get back to you. See Contact Us page for details. 



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