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Choose specialise in - Gutters, Roofing and Property Maintenance.  

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We don't charge VAT. Why pay an extra 20%? And we have fixed prices for most guttering work (see Prices page). This means that you know in advance what we do and what we charge. Unlike many other contractors, no surprises here - just a good job for a fair price. We offer free estimates or quotations for all other work.

We have good availability, often same week or the next week. And we cover South London, Croydon and North West Kent.

We are friendly, reliable and professional. Plus fully insured and we guarantee our work

Choose us and we will offer you high quality work at competitive prices.

Please get in touch for a chat, free estimate or quotation. If we can't answer because we are working or driving, just leave a message. Or drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We do get a lot of enquiries but will always try to get back to you. Sometimes this is not possible though, for instance after heavy rain or if off work. Please just leave one message or try someone else. We know this can be frustrating but please accept our apologies in advance if we cannot reply.


A Note on Coronavirus/Covid-19

Due to Corona, it is not an easy time for any of us right now, is it? Many people are seeing the positives though, catching up on DIY or ticking off some stubborn items on their to do lists. Why not get that gutters/roofing work done too?

We think gutters and roofing work are essential maintenance! This is because if you want to maintain the value of your property, you need to protect it against water damage. With gutter and roof leaks, the longer you leave it, the more water damage or damp there will be. This can mean several repairs instead of just one, so we advise fix any leaks as soon as you can. 

We are working as usual during the corona virus epidemic, as far as possible. We consider ourselves to be low risk - we work outside - and you can avoid direct contact with us if you wish. Including, talking to us through a window or on a mobile phone if you like. We won't be offended!

(We may sometimes have to come through your house, if the work is at the back. And we would want to discuss safe working if we did. Or just focus on the front of your house, particularly if that is where the problem area is. Often though, we can go round the side or access via the back garden/gate. NB The same applies to scaffolding, where required). Life is strange at the moment but it doesn't have to stop altogether.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, get in touch. And stay safe!

Best wishes

Alan Hunter
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