Gutter Clean / Repair / Replace

Gutter Clean / Repair / Replace*

*All prices are VAT free. We do not charge VAT.


A. Gutter Clean - From £80

Professional and safe gutter cleaning carefully, by ladder and by hand. NB This is unlike pole system gutter cleaners who work from the ground, are not as thorough and can't do repairs which can be the cause of gutter leaks eg leaky joints. 

We clean, inspect and water-test plus rod downpipes to unblock. Plus repair or replace as required.

We clean up afterwards and we always leave your home/garden/premises as we found it or tidier.

We are a one-stop-shop company so we can normally clean, repair or replace gutters to STOP leaks in ONE visit, for your convenience.

NB The only thing that really matters with gutters is NO leaks. This is in order to avoid any water damage or damp.

We carry all spare parts required which means we can fix 9/10 gutter problems in one visit, like the AA or the RAC, for instance.


1. Residential Gutter Clean - £80 (for one side of a standard terraced/semi-detached house or equivalent)

2. Terraced House - £120 (Front and Rear)

3. Typical Semi-Detached House - £150 (Front, Side and Rear)

4. Larger Properties/Detached - £180+/Price on viewing

5. Commercial Gutter Clean - Price on viewing


B. Gutter Repair - From £50 

To repair or replace leaking joints as required to STOP leaks. If it is more we will explain why and can give you a written quotation with photographs, if required, so there is no pressure for the customer to decide.


C. Gutter Replace - Gutter Realign - Additional downpipe - Adding Eaves Guards - Other Improvements - From £80

Occasionally, gutters need replacing but this is rare and usually they just need cleaning and repairing. Gutters can need realigning to straighten and stop them leaking at the lowest point. Often houses do not have enough downpipes to cope with heavy rain and it is usually quite straightforward to add downpipe/s to improve flow and drainage. And eaves guards are useful where there is a short roofline, as they bridge the gap between roof and gutter to stop water ingress/leaks behind the gutter.

All as required ONLY. Our approach is to minimise any repairs or additional work, other than cleaning to unblock. 

Cancellation/Call-Out Fee

Please note, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation/call-out fee of £50. This is applied in exceptional cases only, for instance same day or less than 24 hour cancellations. NB This is to protect us only and it is very rarely applied. 
We like our customers and we hope you like us too and keep hiring us. :)

Roofing and Re-Roofing

Roofing and Re-Roofing


Roofing Service - Price on Viewing. 

Prices subject to time and materials. We will arrange a site meeting then give you a free, no-obligation list of options and prices. Detailed, written estimates provided.


Building / Carpentry / Handyman

General Building


Bathrooms / Brickwork / Carpentry / Fencing / Flooring / Guttering / Kitchens / Painting / Plastering / Rendering / Roofing / Sheds / Tiling plus Refurbishments and Renovations

Price on Viewing.

Prices subject to time and materials. Arrange a site meeting then we will give you a free, no-obligation list of options and prices. Detailed, written estimates provided. 

Please note, sourcing materials may be necessary and is part of the job/job time.


Plumbing / Gas / Electrics

Kitchen / Bathroom / Plumbing / Electrics


Price on viewing. Prices subject to time and materials.

Painting / Decorating

Painting / Decorating


Price on viewing. Prices subject to time and materials.


Fencing, Gardening and Landscaping

Fencing / Gardening 


Fencing - Price on viewing. Prices subject to time and materials.


Garden - Garden clearance service only as part of Fencing work.
Price on viewing. Prices subject to time and materials.